Hazel in Sweden - The adventure continues

Hazel in Sweden – The adventure continues

The past week I spent getting to know Lund better. Finding a bit more of the city every day and venturing to new parts (some were not new – I had passed by some time before since I got here, but in my lost state, only realised some time later, that I had in fact been there before).

Ullrika took me on a walk about one evening after work and gave me a tour. We walked into the cathedral which is busy being prepared for the Pope’s visit on Monday.  The Pope is visiting Lund to promote Chrisitian unity and Lund is preparing as the area around the central Cathedral is off limits on Sunday and Monday.

I’m really loving it in Lund – the beautiful architecture, the lovely atmosphere. It’s very peaceful and quiet, not a huge, big bustling city. I’m even used to being on my own.  Time to focus and reflect.

Lund can get very windy and that makes it feel even colder (as I am learning) but it’s all manageable with the right clothes or many layers of whatever you have.

This past week I attended a few seminars. It’s excellent to get to know the type of research that’s happening at Lund.  Collaboration and interdisciplinary studies are the norm here.  Also interesting to see how different research is presented and the collaboration between disciplines that are sometimes not so common in South Africa.

At the CEC, there are many visiting PhD students and researchers – very interesting research areas as well.

So I’m joining in the excitement about the Pope’s visit and in the meantime…reading ‘Understanding uncertainty’ by Dennis V. Lindley !

The first pic is the towers of Lund cathedral. The second is inside the cathedral and the last is the lovely tree-lined streets of Lund with the beautiful autumn colours


Next time you’ll hear all about my visit to Helsingor, Denmark (about 2 hours from Lund).

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