Fisheries make an important contribution to the protein intake of many informal communities in South Africa and the region. In combination the socio-economic value of fisheries and aquacultureproduction in the region is high.  Were also interested in the socio-economically important recreational angling industry that is worth more than Rugby and Cricket combined in South Africa.

We undertake dedicated fisheries research, and are dedicated to the development of responsible aquaculture projects.

We are making a contribution to our understanding of the biology and ecology of targeted species, the effect of fisheries and aquaculture activities on their receiving environments.

Our expertise includes specialist services in the aquaculture industry including: production methods, systems, processes and waste management.

Dr Matthew Burnett is a post doctoral researcher running the FISHTRAC programme, his main focus is on fish behavioural ecology as an indication of river eco-system health. The FISHTRAC program uses smart technology in tracking fish and environmental variables to monitoring river ecosystems in real-time and remotely.

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