Rendani Luthada-Raswiswi

Rendani Luthada-Raswiswi

Rendani Luthada-Raswiwi

Senior technician

PhD Student

Crocodile and fish culture

The demand for high-quality crocodile skin products is high and continually increasing globally. Commercial crocodile farmers are striving to optimise skin quality and growth rates to improve profitability of their operations. The feeds used in crocodile production are known to influence the growth rates of crocodiles, and may possibly affect the quality of skins. In this study we propose to investigate the nutritional value of chicken- and fish-based feeds in crocodile production. In addition, we aim to evaluate the net effect of these alternative feeds on the growth rates of the crocodiles and the potential effect of temperature, water quality and stocking densities on growth rates. Thereafter, crocodile meat will be used to formulate fish feeds that will be tested to raise various size classes of commercial aquaculture fishes.



Luthada RW and Jerling HL, 2013. Effect of feeding frequency and feeding rate on growth of Oreochromis mossambicus (Teleostei: Cichlidae) fry. African Journal of Aquatic Sciences 38(3)273-278.

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