Video Competition Rules

Video Competition Rules


The competition is open to all around the theme of fish migration. There are three prize giving categories:

  1. TIGERFISH: for researchers and consultants
  2. EELS: for SASAq’S students
  3. YELLOWFISH: for the angling community, conservationists, general public.

Please simply sign up by sending us an email with you name and short synopsis for your video as soon as possible. 


2.1 Video (2-5 min) of not more than 2 Gb in size must be submitted online via WeTransfer (or any other platform) to .

2.2 Submitted videos should be in format and a minimum quality of 480p.

2.3 Each participant can submit one video.

2.4 Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will not be allowed. Only basic enhancements such as sharpening, contrast adjustment, or simple cropping will be allowed.

2.5 The submission deadline is 1st April, 2018, before 16:00pm.

2.6 The file name for each image should be clearly labelled with the participant’s name, and a description of the video should be attached as well.

2.7 Participants are entirely responsible for all entry-related costs.



3.1 Each video submitted must be the original and unpublished work of the participant who must also be its copyright owner.

3.2 The participant shall retain copyright to the video entered for the competition.

3.3 By submitting a video for the competition, the participant will be regarded as having granted the organiser the right to use the

in the framework of the World Fish Migration Day celebration and subsequent communication. Where any video is so used by the organiser, the participant will be acknowledged accordingly.

3.4 Videos received by the organiser through the competition will not be used by the organiser for commercial purposes.



4.1 Prizes are non-transferrable and non-exchangeable for cash or in kind.

4.2 The organiser reserves the right to change or replace the competition prizes and/or modify the rules and regulations of the competition as and when necessary, without prior notice.

4.3 The organiser shall not be liable for any fault with any of the prizes and any issues or queries relating to the condition of the prizes should be referred to the manufacturer/supplier of the prizes.



5.1 The video will be selected by a panel of judges and their decision is final. No correspondence pertaining to the selection process and decision will be entertained.

5.2 The panel of judges will evaluate the images based on the following criteria:

– Artistic/visual appeal.

– Extent to which the photograph captures the essence of the theme (fish migration).

5.3 Images will be judged based on originality, creativity and relevance to the theme.

5.4 The judging panel reserves the right not to award the prizes if the images submitted do not meet the requirements stated in this document.

5.5 Results of the competition will be posted on the RiversOfLife website and the associated Facebook page. The winning videos will also be showcased online and at Campsdrift in Pietermaritzburg on the 21st of April 2018. Winners will be notified via emails prior to that date so they can attend the prize giving event.



6.1 By submitting an image for the competition, the participant will be regarded as having accepted and agreed to be bound by the

rules and regulations of the competition.

6.2 While the organiser will exercise due care during the collection, selection and storage of videos, it shall not be held liable for any loss, theft or destruction of the videos.



7.1 The Aquatic Ecosystem Research Programme from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Contacts :