World Fish Migration Day 18'

World Fish Migration Day is a one day event to create worldwide awareness of the importance of freshwater migratory fish and open rivers for the general public, especially students and their teachers, resource managers and engineers, commercial and recreational anglers, as well as those individuals who influence public policy that affect rivers. It is a global initiative with activities organized to reach these audiences. With this international event used to globally promote fish migration and well-being of migrating fishes, the Aquatic Ecosystem Research team at the University of KwaZulu-Natal is willing to host the South Africa contingent for the global event here on the banks of the uMsunduzi in Pietermaritzburg. The event will not only highlight the migrations issues faced by fish within South Africa, but also promote initiatives to look after the uMsunduzi River.

Proposed activities

  • Reverse Duzi Race. The race will start about 8 km downstream of Camps drift from a low bridge on the Duzi. The race will finish at the Natal Canoe Club. It will be a high school race and will fall in as one of the high school canoeing league races for the year.  Maritzburg College will co-host the race as their yearly school race.  The categories will be “ under 14”, “under 16” and “under 18” for boys and girls separately. The race will take place on the 10th of March and the resulting video (including drone ang go pro footages) will be released on the World Fish Migration Day.


  • Video competition. A competition for short video that highlights the fish point of view when it comes to migration. Three categories for different public : (1) researchers and consultants, (2) SASAqS Students, (3) the angling community, conservationists and general public. Sign up by sending an email to and check the rules here.

  • Happy Fish. A bigger than real life fish made with humans and captured by drone on the 21st of April 2018 !


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