Who are we?

Rivers of Life Aquatic Health Services (ROL) is an applied research organisation providing water resources management and conservation services throughout Africa. Rivers of Life is operated from the University of Mpumalanga and University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Our team of specialist scientists are dedicated to the generation of knowledge to contribute to the sustainable use and protection of Africa’s vulnerable water resources and the people who depend on them.


Rivers of Life has four main Research Themes namely: Water Resource Protection, Biodiversity and Conservation, Fisheries Research and Capacity Building and Training.


We work with numerous governmental and non-governmental stakeholders of sustainable water resources and provide a range of services including: ecological risk assessments; environmental flow and regional sustainable water resources management and conservation services.

The Team

Our areas of expertise include: ichthyology and fisheries; invertebrate, aquatic and riparian plant and other aquatic animal biology and ecology; ecosystem processes; ecotoxicology; hydrology and hydraulic engineering.

“And I dream of the vast deserts, the forests, and all of the wilderness of our continent, wild places that we should protect as a precious heritage for our children and for our children’s children. We must never forget that it is our duty to protect this environment.”
— Nelson Mandela