Adam received his BSc in Biology from Bangor University (UK) in 2012. In 2017 he finished a joint Ph.D. studentship between the Human and Animal Pathogens in the Environment group at The James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen (UK), and the Sediment Ecology Research Group (SERG) at the University of St Andrews (UK). Adam’s Ph.D. work focused on the role of indigenous microbial communities and environmental factors that affected the abundance persistence of Escherichia coli in estuarine sediments. He then continued working with water quality, microbes and soft sediment ecology at SERG as a postdoctoral research fellow looking at the impact of infaunal ecosystem engineering on microbial communities as part of the John Templeton Foundation funded Extended Evolutionary Synthesis research program.

Adam continued his work in macro-microbe interactions at the Coastal Research Group at Rhodes University, focusing on the molecular characterization of endolithic communities that degrade calcium carbonate substrata on the rocky shore, and the implications of this in our changing climate.

Adam joined the RoL team in 2022 to use his experience in water quality and ecosystem processes to contribute to the wide range of projects we have.