Duzi Gold, a mysterious name for a mysterious fish… the KwaZulu-Natal Yellowfish or Scally which is our hero to champion the migratory fish of South Africa.

Duzi Gold is a 4 parts serie showcasing (1) the beloved Duzi and the role of aquatic ecosystem, (2) the struggle of fish migration, (3) the recreational use and the importance of the river for the people and finally (4) what can we do to protect and save our environment ?

In this short series, we aim to showcase a beloved river that is in a bad state, the Duzi which is the heart of Pietermaritzburg. Every year, hundreds of paddlers gather from all around the world to perform the arduous Duzi Marathon down to the sea. On their way down, paddlers will encounter many obstacles (and we’re not even talking about the horrendous Duzi Gut !) that fish also encounter. This year we also organized a Reverse Duzi for the schools of PMB to illustrate the struggle of going upstream and the pupils had a lot to say !

The Duzi, and on a larger scale the entire Umgeni Catchment, has been heavily impacted by human activities and poor management for both fish and humans needs. This series is a plea to help connect the fish, the river and the people !

Enjoy =)

Watch episode 1 “Duzi Gold”


Watch episode 2 “Duzi Gold : The struggle of Migration”


Watch episode 3 “Duzi Gold: Going with the Flow”


Watch episode 4 “Duzi Gold: the Duzi Need You !”