Aim and scope of project: Yellowfish (Labeobarbus marequensis) are well-known charismatic species that plays an important role in the conservation of freshwater ecosystems. Yellowfish have been shown to respond to changes in water quality, quantity and habitat availability, which makes them a good indicator species for biomonitoring. Yellowfish are mainly targeted by dedicated angling industries and are also harvested as important sources of protein for many Africans communities. Despite numerous conservation efforts in the Crocodile River, they are still highly impacted and poorly conserved.

This project aims to act as a successful breeding program for yellowfish under natural conditions. Adult yellowfish will be collected and housed in a natural pond and allowed to breed. The natural pond will supply the yellowfish of all the necessary and required habitat characteristics such as natural flow, established insect communities to feed on and vegetation cover.

A successful yellowfish breeding program will relieve the demand and stress from wild populations. Fish bred under a controlled environment can produce larger quantities of high-quality fish products.

Client and or collaborating stakeholders: University of Mpumalanga (UMP); Vet@White River; Rivers of Life Aquatic Health Sciences.

Interesting and important outcomes or prospects: The successful breeding of yellowfish will allow us to give back to African communities by providing them with healthy fully-grown fish as a source of protein. The project also allows us to restock previously yellowfish inhabitant freshwater systems where the abundances of yellowfish species are declining.


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