Angelica Kaiser has an Honors in Zoology awarded from the University of Pretoria (2019). She is a zoologist with expertise in fish health and diseases, food-web dynamics and fisheries.  Angelica is currently busy with her master’s degree in agriculture of science at the University of Mpumalanga and a junior researcher of  Rivers of Life. She is currently working on the population dynamics of indicator fish species in the Olifants River and aims to identify and characterize environmental drivers and assess how they influence the life cycle ecology of the selected indicator fish species. She is also a member of the fish specialist team with Rivers of Life working on a regional project to determine the environmental flow requirements for the Limpopo River Catchment. She has just more than two years of experience working in the field. She has experience in determining the full food web structure of river systems using stable isotope analysis. As a developing researcher, she aspires to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainability of aquatic systems in southern Africa.