Dr Eddie Riddell is a Water Resources Manager for aquatic ecosystem conservation (SANParks). He is a Professionally Registered Scientist (SACNASP: Water Resources Science) and has postgraduate training in ecology and environmental hydrology, with 15 years experience in the field. The skills he brings to Rivers of Life are experiences in the practical implementation of environmental and transboundary flows and the broader operational governance issues associated. Recent work builds on this in the form of benefit sharing from water resources protection and the transformation agenda given the present South African water management discourse. His work ensures a collaborative stakeholder-based approach for scientifically and technically informed engagement of water resources management, in order to maximise benefits for aquatic ecosystem conservation and for society.

Dr Riddell’s academic record includes >25 peer-reviewed publications, continual peer review and supervision of post-graduate students up to PhD level. He is an Honorary Research Associate at the Centre for Water Resources Research, University of KwaZulu-Natal where his research focuses on hydro-ecological processes in terms of wetland rehabilitation, groundwater-surface water interactions and river basin management. He also directly contributes to a number of national hydrological committees and steering committees on water policy.

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