Robin Petersen has 10 years’ experience as a Scientist in Scientific Services, South African National Parks and is based in the Kruger National Park. He has postgraduate training in earth sciences and geo-hydrology, with 10 years’ experience in water resources management and protection. He is responsible for the implementation of the Integrated Water Resources Management and Aquatic Ecosystems and Groundwater Research programmes for inland ecosystems of the South African National Parks. As an associate of Rivers of Life Robin contributes to the solicitation and implementation of collaborative water resources management and protection projects with Rivers of Life the University of Mpumalanga and SANPARKS. Together with  Rivers of Life  Robin and our team endeavours to generate and new knowledge, build networks and improve sustainable water resource use and protection.  He provides knowledge translation and integration by making sense of a diversity of monitoring and research findings and aids in articulating and highlighting its relevance to aquatic conservation management, practice and policy. As a specialist scientist, Robin’s vision is to contribute strategic planning and reporting initiatives and the implementation of regional and/or thematic research and planning mechanisms for the benefits of our water resources and the vulnerable human communities who depend on them.